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Empowerment Sweatshirt

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

I am a big believer in the significance of the words I use on a daily basis in both inner and outer dialogue. These words become the home we live in and if you’re not careful, you might be building a cage around you without even knowing. So, bless yourself every day with kind, strong, and powerful words. You are giving this power by your creator, so make a good use of it. It’s easy to forget to say nice things to yourself since we all tend to blame, shame, and not accept ourselves because of the way we have been conditioned by our surroundings, but once you learn how to control your thoughts and words, positively becomes your habit, and a part of you. Then you will acknowledge how worthy and powerful you are. I personally need a reminder sometimes, so that’s why I think this sweatshirt is a positive friend a girl can have. Now, I know you would say the weather is warm for a sweatshirt, but for these three reasons I’ve decided to buy it.

1) In California, most afternoons are cold even in Summer.

2) Before you know it the Fall season is here.

3) I didn’t want to miss not having it since a lot of these designs don’t make a come back.

So, in my opinion, the material is very comfy and good quality, the message is very powerful, and wearing it makes you look and feel like a Rockstar!

Also, I've learned that every Anine Bing's limited-edition Empowerment Sweatshirt sold will benefit Every Mother Counts which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. Beautiful isn't?!

To make a purchase click on the picture down below, it will direct you to the website!

Love, xo

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