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In Between Weather Fashion

As we get closer to Spring, the weather gets warmer, but still can be cold. Here in California we have cooler early mornings, warmer mid days, and cooler nights. It took me along time to get used to the idea of grabbing a jacket with me in Spring mornings, and keep it in the trunk of my car to save myself from shivering at nights! :)

So, how to really dress for this time of the year? Ideally, you want to keep a light sweater on with light textured jeans or perhaps pants, and if you are wearing shorter bottoms, having a layer with you maybe necessary. Now, it’s a perfect time to make use of your trench coats, Jean jacket, or you may still have time to use your leather jackets! Preferably the short kind! Also, you can totally wear your boots or booties with short bottoms. Not only they will complete and give you a stylish vibe to the whole look, but will keep your feet warm!

Let’s talk colors:

I have the best time dressing for this season. I love Neutral, Pink, White, Cream/Tan, and Lavender colors. When paired with Jeans, not only you’ve achieved a stylish look, but you get causal and comfortable!

Hope you get inspired by this blog, and recreate your on version of the this look!

Tag me on social media, I would love to see your creation!

For more ideas of Spring Coats check out my page!

Love, xo

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