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How I Start My Day

Since I get this question a lot, I’ve decided to share my personal routine that helps start my day with positivity and keep my vibration up for the whole day! I believe how you start your day is how you set the tone for the rest of the day, so why not start it with some good habits! First thing that I do, I try to avoid looking at my phone when I weak up. Emails, texts, and social media can wait! I believe we need to prioritize and give ourselves sacred space to be with ourselves before we begin our day. Creating healthy habits, and having to follow good routines have helped me to keep things positive and healthy both mentally and physically. I always start with prayers, simple but most effective! I like to show appreciation to my creator! For another fresh start and another day full of possibilities. While praying I try to meditate. I found the stillness even just for few minutes allows me to take in all the energy I need from the power within me and around me. Then, I start with affirmations and deep breathing. I command my day with health, peace, wealth, love, happiness, and blessings over my existence and people around me. As I do so, I fill out my The Five Minutes Journal. I have been using the journal for over two years now, and what a difference has made in my day to day life. Truly it is a best thing for the start of your day!!! Some affirmations I like: I am Strong, I am Happy, I am Healthy, I am Smart, I am Positive, I am Confident, I am Secure, I am Passionate, I am Well able , I am Empowered, I am Love, I am Light, and I am one with God and God is everything! Then, I make my lemon water. I squeeze one Lemon in 8 0z of warm water. If you are new to this start with half a Lemon. Lemon water is good for:

  • Cleaning & boosting your digestive system

  • Boosting your immune system since it’s all Vitamin C

  • Instantly hydrating you after 8 hours of sleep

  • Great for skin

After I drink my lemon water, I wait for half hour then I move to my Celery juice. I used to do celery juice every day, but I recently learned that even drinking it 3 times a week is as beneficial as having it every day specially when you drink your lemon water daily. I drink 8 oz, and I make it with my awesome Omega Juicer. Benefits :

  • Celery juice cleans and aids the Liver.

  • Celery Juice heals and activates the gut by restoring hydrochloric acid which helps us digest things faster and more efficiently.

  • Helps clearing your skin.

  • Celery Juice lowers cholesterol.

  • Celery Juice is a natural anti-inflammatory.

  • Celery Juice lowers blood pressure.

Then again after another half hour I move to my Earl Grey tea and breakfast! Hope this answered many of your questions, and inspired you for a healthy routine. I can’t wait to hear how you start your day. Leave a comment down below! Love, xo Caroline

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