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How to Keep Your Skin Clear and Healthy While Wearing a Mask

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

These days as we all try to stay safe by wearing a mask, our skin might not be reacting well to our new mask-wearing habit. If you have to wear a mask for a long period of time, it can cause more than just breakouts. You might experience irritation, redness, or other issues. Here are some steps to take to keep things clear and healthy.


* If you are using a cloth mask, wash your mask every. Use a mild, chemical free detergent, or even a baby detergent, so your mask won’t give you sensitivity. In cloth category try using the silk or 100% cotton texture. Make sure your mask fits comfortably. You want it to be snug, but not uncomfortably tight. A good fit reduces chafing and skin irritation, while also keeping you safer from viruses.

* If possible use multiple masks per day.

* If you are using surgical masks, try to use a fresh one daily.

* If you are using an N95 mask, either switch between masks and let them air dry for few days, or if you have a UV sterilizing machine, sterilize them after each use.


* Do not wear any makeup underneath the mask. Just stay with eye and eyebrow makeup.

* Wash your face before and after using the mask with a gentle face wash.

* Use a hydrating and light face lotion that will absorb into your skin quickly. Apply it at least 30 minutes prior to wearing your mask. Moisture from your lotion and your breath trapped underneath the mask for hours creates a home for bacteria resulting in skin breakout and irritation.

* Use skin care products that contains vitamin C to help boosting collagen production and Hyaluronic acid to help retain water to keep your skin hydrated.

* Exfoliate gently once a week.

* Use a hydrating mask and a face sheet mask once a week.

* Use a Jade or Rose quartz roller to help eliminate toxins all over your face, and boosts blood circulation.

* Drink plenty of water.

* Take deep cleansing breaths few times a day.

Hope all these steps to be a guide and a reminder to keep your skin healthy and beautiful underneath the mask. I've linked some of my favorite products that would help you take care of your skin.

Love, xo

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