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Make Up Brushes I Use

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Ever since I started doing make up video tutorials, I have been getting asked about the Make up brushes that I use. I’ve been using Luxie Beauty brushes set and Crown Brush contour set on myself and clients for five years. I consistently wash or spray clean them, and they are still in a great condition. Below I’ve have linked the sets and narrowed down the ones I use on daily basis, and if you have this set or a similar one you are good to go.

You can click on links below, and it will direct you to the right products!.

  • Luxie Rose Gold 30 Piece Brush Book Set

  • Crown Brush Rose Gold 3 Piece Full Face Contour Set

The Ones I’ve Used In My Video Tutorials Are:

  • Luxie #516 Duo fibre powder brush. I use this soft, duo fiber brush to apply liquid products for a bolder finish, or to build up cream, and powder products with a diffused look.

  • Luxie #660 Precision foundation brush, I use it to apply my a translucent powder specially underneath my eyes, but it’s ideal for applying liquid and cream foundation for a streak-free medium coverage finish.

  • Luxie #522 Tapered highlighting brush: I use this to apply my bronzer, do my counter, and use it all over my face for applying powder.

  • Luxie #504 Large angled brush. I use this angled brush to apply my blush.

  • Luxie #560 Medium fan brush is a unique, fan-shaped brush ideal for effortlessly sweeping shimmer products onto the highest points of your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, brow bone and cupid's bow.

  • Luxie #205 Tapered shading brush is your go-to brush for applying and blending out transition colors in your crease, or for blending any harsh lines in your eye shadow look.

  • Luxie #227 Blending brush. I use this brush for more precise eyelid applications.

  • Lexie #528 Concealer brush. I use this for applying shimmer eye shadow on my eyelid or precisely apply concealer under the eyes or around the face for a full-coverage finish.

  • Luxie #213 Eye shading flat Brush, and is my go-to brush for applying cream, liquid, and powder eyeshadow on the lid.

  • Luxie #217 Pencil eye brush is the perfect tool to define your outer corner while smudging out harsh lines for a smoky look. You can also use it to smudge eyeliner on the top and bottom lash line for perfect, sultry eyes.

  • Luxie #221 Flat definer brush is small and dense, making it ideal for smudging out cream or powder products on your upper and lower lash lines.

  • Luxie #201 Brow and Lash brush is ideal for shaping and grooming brows before makeup application, and to brush out excess powder, pencil, or pomade. This can also be used to remove excess mascara and unclump lashes.

Hope that helps you find the right set of Make up brushes.



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